Franemm Industries Limited is a multinational and continental consumer home care, cosmetics, food and nutritional production company. We manufacture and distribute some of the best loved brands in Nigeria and around Africa ranging from Petals product lines (Neutralizing Shampoo, Hair Conditioner and Lotion, Lotta Bounce Setting Lotion, Petroleum Jelly, Shampoo, Bath and Laundry Soap, Hair Oil Moisturizer, Weavon Glossifier, Hair Placenta, Herbal Hair Scalp Treatment, Conditioning Crème Relaxer, Styling Gel, Hair Food Cream) Including other product lines of the Beva brands, Wink Ultra Bath and Laundry product line; Supply and distribution of other products, including the Extract® Product line, SkinWhite®  product line,  Maxi-Peel® Facial Cleansers and Gypsy Custard; a food and nutritional range of product.



Our mission is centered on meeting customer satisfaction across board on all our beauty, care and cosmetic brands.


Our vision is to be the foremost manufacturer in beauty, care and cosmetic products in Nigeria and Africa.


Since year 2000 after Franemm Industries Limited was incorporated, we have since grown into producing various kinds of cosmetics, hair and home care products, gaining a huge market share in the industry in the Republic of Benin, Ghana and Nigeria leading the pack where we have the largest distribution network. By the year 2020 we should have our distribution networks across West Africa.
Our culture is what binds us, being able to work together achieving a set goal as a family with courage, accountability and drive. This is what makes us distinctive from other organizations.
Our management Team is made up of formidable seasoned professionals with
foreign experts in charge of production, procurement and maintenance in line with global best practice.

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